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Fresh takes, new perspectives, and tenacious minds excite us. Let’s mix it up together and create something extraordinary.

We're bringing expertise, imagination, and an insatiable sense of adventure together to make the best work of our lives with the world’s greatest brands.

Why choose Indigo

We want you to love working with us, so we’ve created an environment that is flexible and supportive. Here are just some of the benefits to joining us:

Work from home or our office

Everyone has unique preferences for their ideal work environment, and we trust our people to do their greatest work when and where it makes sense to them. You can choose to work from home, join co-workers in the office, or even mix and match within flexible work hours.

Live anywhere

Live anywhere in the US, and get compensated like you live next to our headquarters. Want to live outside the US? As long as our parent company, Zensar, has an office there, you can seamlessly work at Indigo Slate and be compensated at an equivalent local rate.

Get the tools you need

Never work on outdated tech or make do with what you have. When you join Indigo Slate, we’ll provide everything you need to work at your best, including industry-leading devices, software, and tech accessories—and swag, of course!

Balance work with life

We value an inclusive and sustainable environment where productivity and personal time are equally important. We believe everyone can thrive in their own professional journey through continuous education, paid vacation, and personalized growth paths.

Seattle office

The Indigo Slate office in Seattle

Want to join us?

We’re always looking to mix it up with smart, adventurous, and imaginative people.

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